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The Avondale Sky Podcast.

Season 1 (Episodes 1-4): This 4-part series is a dive into the brand and family behind the vines and wines.

Season 2 (Episodes 5-8): This 4-part series takes you through some of our most exciting business collaborations and highlights our partners journey to their successes.

If you love wine, business and the thrill of new ventures. Then Avondale Sky Winery Podcast is the show for you.

In 2019, the Coutinho family took a leap of faith. They bought a winery with no previous experience in the wine making industry. Nestled in rural Nova Scotia, this podcast captures the ups and downs of their first 2 years running Avondale Sky Winery.

This is the story of risk, passion and family. A story about rural life and community. A story of adapting to survive and learning to thrive.
  • Extended Trailer
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  • Episode 1
    Winery Podcast episode 1
    So….you want to buy A Winery?
  • Episode 2
    Think on your feet!
  • Episode 3
    How many variables?
  • Episode 4
    The true fruits of their labour – loyal customers!
  • Episode 5 (NEW)
    Early To The Game: Brian Titus, Garrison Brewing Company
  • Episode 6 (NEW)
    Dining On The Ocean Floor
  • Episode 7 (NEW)
    The Church Brewery
  • Episode 8 (NEW)
    Barrelling Tide