Wine Club Frequently Asked Questions

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Sky Club Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation Policy
Members may cancel their Sky Club membership at any time with no fee or penalty. Members are responsible for notifying Avondale Sky Winery with their intent to cancel. To avoid automatic billing for the next shipment, cancellations must be received by the first day of the shipment month. All cancellations will be confirmed in writing or by telephone to ensure your membership has been formally closed. Upon cancelling, there will be no further obligation except for wine shipped prior to receipt of the member’s request to cancel.

Shipment Information
Members will be billed prior to each shipment. Members may receive their shipments in person at our quarterly members-only pick-up parties, arrange for their shipment to be picked up in person at our booth at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market, or have it shipped to a provided address (shipping charges apply). Wine not picked up at the pick-up party with no prior arrangements made will be shipped within 72 hours. Orders are shipped via Canada Post Priority and cannot be delivered to PO Boxes.

What is the best way to get in touch with someone about my Sky Club Membership?
Call us at (902) 235-2047 during business hours or, send an email to

Which wines will be included in my release?
Each release features different wines, carefully curated by our Winemaker, Ben Swetnam. The wines that will be included in your release will be communicated prior to the pick-up party. For more information on what to expect, please contact us.

What does it cost to join?
There is a $100 deposit that will be used as a credit towards your first Sky Club release. Each shipment will cost between $80-$120 plus HST (shipping additional if applicable). You may cancel anytime with no penalty.

How do automatic shipments work?
Members automatically receive four shipments each year (March, June, September, December). Your credit card on file is charged prior to each release and you will be notified by email of impending shipments.

What is automatically charged to my credit card?
The charges placed on your credit card for the automatic shipments will be the cost of the wine. If you are unable to attend the “pick-up party” to get your wine, it will be shipped to the provided address after seven days. Your credit card will also be charged for applicable shipping costs.

What if my credit card is not approved for a shipment?
In the event that your credit card is not approved for a shipment, you will receive a notice requesting your updated credit card information so we can process your missed shipment. With an approved credit card, you will then receive your shipment.

How do I place an order for additional wine?
Members can place orders for additional wine by calling us at (902) 235-2047 during business hours or by sending an email to Any additional wine purchases will receive your member discount (10% off).

How do I give a Sky Club Experience membership as a gift?
If you would like to give a Sky Wine Experience membership as a gift, please contact You may designate your membership gift to be ongoing, or for a specified number of shipments.

How do I change my membership information (address, phone, credit card, etc.)?
To update your member information, contact us at (902) 235-2047 during business hours or send an email to Please notify us promptly of any address or credit card changes so that you can receive your wines with minimum inconvenience.

What if I’m not home when Canada Post tries to deliver my shipment?
Canada Post will leave notice that a delivery was attempted and ask you to make pick up arrangements. We strongly recommend using a business address for your shipments. If this is not a possibility, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

What if my shipment could not be delivered and was “returned to sender”?
Contact us at (902) 235-2047 during business hours or, send an email to, and re-shipment arrangements will be made— or we will contact you to make new arrangements.

Can wine shipments be sent to me in the United States or throughout Canada?
Due to restrictive legislation regarding the direct shipment of wine to particular states and provinces, Our Sky Club Experience cannot ship wine everywhere. Please consult your local legislation to ensure you are eligible to receive wine.

How do I cancel or suspend my membership? How can I rejoin?
Contact us at (902) 235-2047 during business hours or, send an email to to cancel, suspend or reinstate your membership. If you plan to be away for an extended period, we can arrange to hold your wine, ship your wine to an alternate address, or suspend your membership during your absence.