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Avondale Sky Winery & Restaurant

The Avondale Sky Story

How a church that walked on water became a winery

In 2009, we threw in city life to start a winery. We wanted a place where we could grow grapes and make wine in a way that was true to our philosophy of sustainable, healthy living in sync with the seasons.

We found the perfect spot on the Avon Peninsula. One of the oldest vineyards in the province was for sale and we jumped on it, knowing the soil and climate in this area would help us grow exceptional grapes.

Bringing the church into the bay

Saved from destruction

In honour of the vineyard’s history, and in keeping with our philosophy of sustainability, we wanted to find and repurpose old buildings, rather than build new. That’s how an old barn from St. Croix River banks came to live here.

And then we visited St. Mathews church in Walton. Built in 1837, its graceful interior and elegant windows created a sense of serenity that immediately lifted our spirits. When we heard it was slated for destruction, we knew we had to rescue it.

The church that walked on water

You can follow the church’s amazing 42-kilometre journey through the photos we have on display. Watch as it was moved by road to the Bay of Fundy waterfront, then by ferry—rising and falling with the world’s highest tides. Finally, by road again, to its new home on our vineyard. Miraculously, every pane of glass survived!

Wine Tasting at Avondale Sky

Reaping what we sow

We believe making the extra effort to do the right thing brings great rewards.

That’s why we harvest every grape in the vineyard by hand. And in return, our wines have won many prestigious awards.

Our chef’s menus reflects the best of the season, serving the freshest, most flavourful locally sourced choices, and also winning awards from Taste of Nova Scotia and the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia.

Dining at Avondale Sky Winery

We brought St. Mathews to its new home, and won the Nova Scotia Heritage Trust’s 2011 Heritage Built Award, Commercial Division. 

Stewart & Lorraine

But the greatest reward is sharing our winery lifestyle and the literal fruits of our labours with everyone who drops by. We hope you’ll come visit us soon.

Stewart & Lorraine