2017 Benediction

2017 Benediction

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Dry single varietal Geisenheim traditional method sparkling white wine made from 100% Nova Scotia grown grapes

Winemaker's Notes: 

Made in the traditional method this wine was fermented first in stainless steel then again in bottle. Fermented to a lower pressure than most traditional method sparklers (~ 65 psi) this wine was modeled after German Sekt.  After 46 months of lees aging in bottle it was disgorged and softened with a touch of dosage in June 2022. This is an easy drinking style of bubbly meant for any occasion enjoyment. 

Geisenheim 318

Lime, starfruit, mineral, toasty
Oysters, seafood crudo or ceviche

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I have a bottle chilled and ready to go for New Years eve! Love it!
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