2021 Riesling - Small Lot

2021 Riesling - Small Lot

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Off-dry, aromatic single varietal white wine made from 100% Nova Scotia grapes.

Winemaker's Notes:

This wine was fermented in stainless steel to maintain clean, fresh fruit flavours. The Riesling was fermented in two separate tanks with different yeasts, one to dryness the other stalled with natural residual sugar.  The resulting blend is approachable and balanced without being too sweet or too dry.

SSL = Select Small Lot indicating limited quantity and not necessarily an annually produced product.


Apple, lime, honeysuckle, mineral

Asian cuisine, duck, tofu curry, soft cheese


What People are Saying about this wine

I come bearing the unfortunate news that one of our sommeliers will quit – abandon her post outright – if we cannot carry your Small Lots Riesling. *** from Obla-dee, originally, has given me an ultimatum. Could you spare a few cases to start?
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